The Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants are all over the internet. There are beautiful photos on Instagram and Pinterest and countless videos on YouTube and Tik Tok. Go to any home center and you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of leafy, flowering, and colorful plants. You can read endless articles on how to care for snake plants and peace lilies and fiddle leaf figs. Most likely, you’ve already ventured into plant parenthood. But if not, let us try to convince you by listing all the benefits of houseplants that we’ve learned in our years of caring for them.

Houseplants Give You Routine

Over the last two years, we’ve all gained a new understanding of the importance of routine. So many of us saw how quickly our lives could be upended when going into the office every weekday was no longer part of our routine. Suddenly, the little weekly rituals became more important than ever as we fought to hang onto a sense of normalcy.

When it comes to creating routine, the benefits of owning houseplants are evident. If you’re struggling with the feeling that you don’t have purpose, houseplants are one small thing that can help. Once you own a few house plants, you are forced to check in on these living beings regularly for them to survive. You must water them, clean their leaves, and repot them when they get too big.  You will have several tasks to complete weekly to ensure they stay in good health. While it’s not as big a part of your routine as your work schedule, it’s still something small that reminds you to check in with yourself and remember what day of the week it is.

Taking care of houseplants every week can keep you grounded. In fact, houseplants can offer many of the health benefits of gardening while taking up less space and responsibility than a traditional in-the-ground space. You’re still placing your hands in the dirt and growing things in your home, but you don’t need a plot of land to do so. Here at the House Plant Shop, we are always grateful for the weekly routine of checking our plants’ soil, cleaning their leaves, and placing them in the kitchen sink or bathtub to be watered.

Houseplants Add Beauty to Your Surroundings

When you walk into a room that has houseplants in it, you instantly feel better. This is probably one of the most obvious benefits of houseplants – they make your house feel beautiful. They add a pop of color in even the plainest of rooms. Adding just a couple houseplants can make a room feel more alive, even if the walls are plain and there are no window treatments. There’s something about real plants that transforms a room in a way that fake plants can’t. They give off a subtle, earthy smell and provide a depth of color that varies from leaf to leaf. Houseplants are perfectly imperfect. Indoor gardening benefits everyone in your home in this way.

If you want to spruce up a room quickly and for little money, the benefit of houseplants is that you can pick out just one or two and it will completely transform the feel of your room. And if you’re a renter and can’t make any big changes, they’re a great way to make your apartment feel more like home. If you don’t own any plants yet, start out with something easy and work your way up. Before you know it, you might be living in a jungle.

Plants Clean the Air

Another one of the many benefits of houseplants: they have the potential to make your home healthier. It’s been widely acknowledged that houseplants clean the air in your home. In a study by NASA, it was found that houseplants can eliminate indoor air pollutants from our home environment. It makes sense – the way that plants breathe is to take in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which is the exact opposite of what we do as humans. We are in a symbiotic relationship in that way. We breathe in what the plants breathe out and vise versa.

No, your plants can’t replace a good air filtration system. But if you can’t afford an expensive HEPA air filter just yet, adding some greenery to your home could be a way to improve air quality without a big expense. Some plants that have been studied for air filtration are snake plants, spider plants, aloe vera, and dracaenas. But all plants will filter the air in some capacity.

Plants Make You Feel Less Alone

One of the greatest benefits of houseplants is the simplest; they make you feel less alone. Just like a cat or a dog provides comfort and company, houseplants give you a reason to wake up in the morning. They might not move around as much as an animal would, but your houseplants count on you for survival. They need you to water them, fertilize them, repot them when they’ve grown too big, and take care of pest control if they come down with some type of infestation or disease. Taking good care of your houseplants means doing research on each individual type, learning their specific light and water requirements, and monitoring their health through trial and error.

Especially after the last two years spent in and out of isolation, so many of us know what it feels like to be lonely. Yet not everyone has the time, finances, or ability to become a pet owner. Houseplants can be a great in-between – a way to learn how to take care of something other than yourself that is low risk and high reward.

If the benefits of houseplants tell you anything, it’s that you need one (or more!) in your home. Here at House Plant Shop, we have the best selection of plants online, plus tons of care information on our website to help you determine the best plants for your home and skill level. We want to help you to experience how indoor plants are good for health!