Mary Nolte’s editing services are absolutely invaluable. Her assistance allowed me to reshape my novel and break down the editorial process from a monolithic, insurmountable chore into a guided, collaborative effort. She was able to give me advice on every aspect of editing, from grammar and wording choice to structural plot reorganization. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”

— Andrew Kopcienski, Writer

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To me, writing is all about connection.

I know what it feels like to have poured your heart and soul into the pages of a book. Looking over someone’s shoulder at their manuscript is like looking into their mind. It is one of the most intimate things I do, and it’s a process I deeply respect.

I will look over your work with a careful, thoughtful eye. I don’t want to change your voice or make your writing sound like mine. I want to help you see the areas where you can strengthen your writing, as well as the places where you shine. I will help you come to your next project with more confidence. I want to empower you to keep writing and self-editing after we’re done working together.


For manuscripts, I offer two different kind of editing services. The first is full edits, where I read through your manuscript and add detailed notes and suggested edits along the way utilizing the Track Changes feature. I will mark any grammar or spelling issues that I notice, but my focus will be on the content of your project: plot, structure, character development, dialogue, setting, continuity/flow, etc. I will also put together a detailed editorial letter (typically around 2,000 words) summarizing my observations and detailing my suggested next steps. Additionally, I will answer any questions that you have via an hour-long follow up phone call, or within e-mail if that’s what you prefer.

 I also offer a manuscript review service, where I read your manuscript in its entirety and provide you with just the editorial letter and no in-text edits. The manuscript review is a more affordable option for writers, especially if you have a first draft that you know isn’t ready for detailed edits yet. Additionally, I can do a combination of these two services if you’re looking for detailed edits for one portion of the manuscript but just an overview for the rest.


One of my very favorite forms of writing is the short story. I love the challenge of fitting a complete piece into just a few short pages. I’m excited to offer short story full edits, including detailed commentary and suggested edits throughout, as well as an editorial letter. I’m also happy to do a 30-minute follow up phone call or answer questions via e-mail, if that’s what you’d prefer.


I know how expensive professional editing can be, especially when you’re just starting out as a writer. So I want to offer a way in which it can be more accessible. For $500, I will read 100 pages (25,000 words) of your manuscript and provide full edits to those pages. I’ll also read a two-page synopsis to get an idea of the story as a whole. After, you’ll receive the 100 pages of edits and an editorial letter highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and my suggested next steps for the manuscript. We can also do a follow-up phone call. And if you’d like me to read your manuscript as a whole, you have the option to add a complete manuscript review to this package for one cent per word for the remaining pages of your manuscript.


Not sure what kind of editing you’re looking for? Fill out my form below and I’ll be in touch to set up a consultation call (this is not a requirement to work with me – just let me know if you don’t like talking on the phone). We can figure out what kind of editing will best serve your manuscript together. Additionally, I always offer sample edits before we commit to moving forward. It is important to me that you’re happy with the feedback you receive.

For a deeper look at my editing services, please check out this blog post.

If you’re interested in working with me, please fill out my prospective client questionnaire at the link below. I’ll be in touch to set up a consultation call (if you’d like one) and a sample edit once I receive your information.