Mary was incredibly easy to work with. Her comments throughout were easy to follow and she has an excellent eye for what the flaws are in your manuscript. Admittedly, her and I differ philosophically at times. However, that is exactly what I needed with an editor. Someone who views my manuscript in a different light and tells me what I need to adjust to make my plot as clear as it can be to as many people as possible. Through her I feel I was able to accomplish this without sacrificing my identity as a writer. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary and will be going to her for my editing needs in the future.


“Mary was very thorough, and her insight was invaluable to me. She was very tactful and honest with her criticism and gave praise where it was warranted. She caught issues I never would have uncovered on my own, and I have learned a lot about my writing through her feedback. I highly recommend her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again!”


“Mary Nolte’s editing services are absolutely invaluable. Her assistance allowed me to reshape my novel and break down the editorial process from a monolithic, insurmountable chore into a guided, collaborative effort. She was able to give me advice on every aspect of editing, from grammar and wording choice to structural plot reorganization. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”


“Mary is an excellent editor. She provided me with a thorough review of my manuscript and her feedback was kind yet on target. Mary is a pleasure to work with. You can expect an honest critique, thorough edits, and kind delivery.”


Please visit my Editorial Services page for more information, or if you’re ready to start the editing process you can e-mail me at edit@maryenolte.com.