Nanowrimo Update

What a week, is all I have to say.

How is Nanowrimo going for you? For me, it’s not going much at all. I started off strong, getting in 2,000 words on the first day and then a few hundred every day after. But since then, I’ve fizzled and lost focus. The election took up the majority of my mental space this past week and I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and try to focus.

Now, I have to admit, I don’t exactly have that excuse. The election went the way I wanted it to, the way I’ve been hoping and praying for four years that it would. But that’s for another post. I’m here to talk about writing.

What I wanted to say today is that even though I’m severely behind in Nanowrimo, and even though it’s not likely at this point that I will be able to meet the 50,000 word goal, just committing to doing Nanowrimo has helped me get into the mindset of thinking about my (new) WIP consistently for the first time since I concieved the idea. Even on the days where I couldn’t sit down to write this past week, I found myself thinking about these new characters that I’m creating and what’s going to happen to them.

After I finish this blog post, I’m going to sit down with my characters and see what they have to say. Even though I plan to write this book in third person, I’m going to write a short diary entry in first person from the perspective of each of my characters. Will this help me get to the 50,000 mark by the end of November? Absolutely not. But what it is helping me do is to create again. To craft something new. And ultimately, that is the more important goal of the month for me.

How’s the month going for you so far, writers? Are you participating in Nanowrimo?

Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Update

  1. The diary technique is pretty cool. Another awesome technique is getting your character to write a letter to you. Am not participating in NaNo, but I do keep a daily writing habit. Wishing you all the best with your WIP!


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