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Productive Sundays

In the spirit of practicing openness and vulnerability (I mean, that’s why I started blogging in the first place), I have a weird confession to make. I like watching inspirational YouTube videos.

I don’t really know when this started or how it started. It might’ve been last spring, when I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut and wanted to make improvements and changes to my life. Anyway, I started to get REALLY into watching people be productive and/or talk about positivity on YouTube. Typically, the type of video I’m talking about is something like “6 Tips That Will Change Your Life” or “What I Do to Be Productive in the Morning.” Honestly, sometimes I think I watch this videos to avoid being productive myself……but all that thinking about doing things will eventually lead to doing things, right?

ANYWAY, that’s not why I came here today. I came here to say that recently I’ve started doing something that I learned from these YouTube videos, and I think it’s making my life a whole lot better. I learned it from YouTuber Kalyn Nicholson, and it’s something that she calls a GYST (Get Your Shit Together) Day.

Basically what she means is that you should set aside one day every week where you do all the things that you’ve been putting off so that you can start the next week  on a positive note. For someone who works a normal Monday through Friday, Saturday or Sunday is probably a good day to set aside for this. Which means that on that day, you’ll do all the random things that you felt you didn’t have time for during the week, like laundry, cleaning, DIY projects, organization projects, etc.

I learned about this concept awhile ago but it was just this month that I started to actually do it, and there is most definitely something about waking up on Sunday, making myself a to-do list, and being productive. Just today, for instance, I’ve cleaned my room, hung a shelf, switched around some hangers in my closet, took pictures for my Etsy shop, gone on a walk, and started this blog post. I’m planning on working on my book, organizing a drawer that’s a mess, and planning for this upcoming week as well. Last week, I made myself the twinkle light window that is the featured image of this post.

I’ve noticed that if I really motivate myself to finish my to-dos on Sunday, there’s just something so much easier about the week ahead. I feel like I can muster up more motivation on a Sunday than almost any other day because I’m thinking about how much better my week will be if I just get a bunch of little tasks done today. And also, I feel less stressed throughout the week knowing that I’ve set aside that day. If I know I want to clean or organize something but I can’t bring myself to do it after I’ve been working all day during the week, I know that I have Sunday.

Anyway, since TODAY is Sunday, and since I wanted to share more on my blog this past week and didn’t, I just thought I’d put it out there that this is something I’ve really enjoyed and found helpful this month.

If you want to check out Kalyn, here’s her YouTube Channel and her Blog. She has multiple videos all about Sundays/GYST days.

Thanks for stopping by today!