Hello, December

November was a lot of working. For myself, with absolutely no income.

November was writing. Writing writing writing. Almost 2,000 words every single day. November was 50,058 words total. And a whole novel, from start to finish, rough or not. November was realizing that I can and will finish a novel in this lifetime. It was achievement.

November was starting to freak out about money. A computer crashing at the beginning of the month and big credit card bills. November was trying to look for a job. November was not succeeding at that search. Yet.

November was Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving and a happy stomach. November was napping on the couch after a big meal. It was spending time with close friends and Captain Morgan and writing in coffee shops.

November was making things. Handbound books, hanging art, a small bookshelf. November was spending cozy nights reading a book or watching my favorite TV shows.

November was leaves turning and falling and a rake in the backyard. It was thinking about what 2018 will be like. It was thinking about the future and dreams which seem closer now than they maybe ever have.

December will be Christmas lights and pine trees and working again, for someone other than myself. It will be planning trips (hopefully) and planning for the new year. It will be looking forward to what comes next. It will be hope.


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