I am a Maker of Things

I like making things. In a lot of different ways. I love building things, I love power tools. I love crafting, painting, staining wood. I love writing and editing, creating little pieces of art with words.

At the beginning of this year I told myself that I wanted to focus on being more creative. I wasn’t sure what that meant, exactly, but I knew that I wanted to make more¬†things, whatever they might be. And then I kind of forgot about it.

Late this summer, when I was starting to realize just how long it would take me to figure out what I wanted to do after I had quit my office job, it came to me. I’ve always wanted to open an Etsy shop, ever since I knew what Etsy was. I’m not quite sure why — I think I just like the idea of making little items and then being able to share them with other people. And as I was walking on the stone beach at my family’s cottage, I finally came up with an idea of what to sell.

The cottage has been in our family for about 70 years and it’s always been my happy place. I like to think of it as warm and cozy and deeply connected to nature. And as I was looking at the things around me — drift wood, seagull feathers, beautiful pebbles, and beach glass — I thought,¬†why can’t I put these things together and share them so that others can feel this way too?

Anyway, that’s kind of the vision I had when I decided to set up my Etsy shop Var Stuga. I wanted a place online where people could buy things that made them feel cozy and warm and happy and connected to the outdoors. I’m selling things that make me happy — little driftwood and grapevine wall hangings, my Mom’s cozy handknit socks, and soon (once I perfect the whole process of making them), handbound journals. And the name of the stop comes from the Swedish words for “Our Cottage” (yes I know there should be an accent). My grandmother used to call our little cottage Var Stuga, and so I thought it would be perfect to call my shop just that.

I haven’t made any sales yet, but just hitting “open my shop” feels very gratifying and exciting. I am a maker of all things, not just a writer. And I’m excited to be stepping into that truth in this way. You can check out my shop, Var Stuga, up in the menu of my blog!

I hope that you’re brave enough to reach out and try for one of your little dreams this week, too!

Thanks for stopping by.

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